• ERP Compliant Coke is one of the oldest industrial companies in Birmingham, Alabama. Indeed, the story of ERP Coke is the story of Birmingham
  • In 1881, Sloss Furnace Company was organized, evolving to Sloss-Sheffield Steel & Iron in August 1899
  • ERP Coke began operations as Sloss-Sheffield Steel & Iron Company on March 17, 1920.
  • In 1952 Sloss merged with U.S. Pipe, which was acquired in 1969 by Jim Walter Corporation and the Coke Division was integrated into Jim Walter Resources.
  • Following a corporate reorganization in 1987, the Coking Facility was legally incorporated as Sloss Industries Corporation.
  • With the rebranding of the Walter conglomerate as an energy group in 2009, Sloss Industries became Walter Coke, Inc.
  • In February 2016, Walter Coke was purchased by ERP Compliant Coke, LLC.
  • ERP Coke has been a 24/7 operation since 1920, producing high quality blast furnace and foundry coke.